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If you're a MTG fan, be sure to join us for Friday Night Magic including Standard, Modern, Booster Draft, and open play for Commander and Brawl. We also have Modern Mondays, Legacy Wednesdays, Standard Showdown Sundays, our Saturday Tournament Series, and two different Sealed Leagues! For other card games, we have weekly Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments on Thursdays and Saturdays, weekly Pokemon TCG League on Saturday, weekly Star Wars Destiny tournaments on Fridays and Saturdays, and weekly Transformers tournaments on Saturdays!. We also host prereleases and other large organized play events for the games we support, including Pokemon League Challenges and League Cups, so be sure to check out our events page for our full calendar!

Magic the Gathering: Ravnica Allegiance

Yu-Gi-Oh: Savage Strike and Infinity Chasers

Pokemon: Team Up

Star Wars Destiny: Convergence

Transformers: Rise of the Combiners

Final Fantasy: Opus VIII

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