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-Two teams consisting of two players each duel in a turn-based fashion, similar to normal Yu-Gi-Oh.

-Matches are best-of-one-game with teams sharing a 16,000 Life Point total, and one player from each team is designated as player A and the other as player B.



-Each player has their own Main Deck and Extra Deck, but Side Decks are not used (as there is only one game played).

-The most recent Advanced Format Forbidden/Limited Lists and rules updates are used, with a few exceptions:

-Each team plays using the combined field of both teammates (ten Monster Zones, ten Spell/Trap Zones, four Pendulum Zones, and two Field Zones), however teams can only have one Field Spell active at a time and players cannot go over their individual limits and into their teammates' portion.

-Effects that would affect "both" or "each" player affect all four players.

-Teammates always have separate hands, graveyards, banished, Main Decks, and Extra Decks. Players activating a card or effect that would affect any of these areas of an opponent must choose an opponent for that part of the effect to apply to at resolution.

-Pendulum Summoning is only applicable to players completing their own set of scales.

-Players may only attack with monsters or activate cards or the effects of cards that are in their individual zones. However, for all other intents and purposes, including but not limited to Tribute, Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Summoning, paying costs to activate cards or effects, or applying or resolving conditions and effects, treat the cards controlled by your teammate as cards you control.

-Play alternates between teams following the sequence 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B. Only the player going first (1A) skips their first Draw Phase. The player going last (2B) is the first player that is allowed to attack. When attacking, you may select a monster controlled by either opponent as the attack target, or, if they both control no monsters, then you may attack the team directly.

-Matches have a time limit of 40 minutes. If time is called and a game has not finished, the active player will finish their current turn and then each other player will get exactly one more turn following the turn sequence. The team with the highest Life Point total at that point wins the match. If the Life Point totals are tied at that point, the game will continue into Sudden Death, where one additional turn will be added to the game each time the Life Point totals remain tied at the end of a turn.