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Stamp League


Stamp League is a unique quasi-Limited/Constructed MTG format that has been running at Critical Hit Games ever since the original Innistrad block!


Entry into the league is $25. Players start with one booster from each of the six most recent Standard sets as their card pool. All cards opened are stamped (this is to ensure players don't bring in outside cards from their collections). Decks must be at least 40 cards. In addition, no deck may contain more than 3 copies of any common, 2 copies of any uncommon, or 1 copy of any rare or mythic rare. Players are free to trade stamped cards with other players in the league.


At each player’s own convenience, they can pick up a league match slip for $1. Each slip has a 7-day expiration date. Players must then find other members to play any day of the week during the store's open hours. After each match, the loser signs the winner’s match slip. Players cannot play anyone already on their match slip or play if they have a full sheet (3 signatures).


After a slip expires, a player can turn in their slip for prizes. Players get one random stamped card for turning in a match slip plus an additional stamped card per signature on that slip. Players can then immediately get a replacement league match slip for $1.


Stamp League is an endless format that rotates with each new set. Whenever a new standard set releases, players will need to purchase a pack of that set and have it stamped and added to their card pool. All cards from the oldest set will then rotate out of the league.


Finally on the Friday Launch Day of every new Standard set, we host a Store Championship (also called a Stampionship) for this league. For an entry of $5, players will play in a tournament featuring the best stamped decks they could get together over the previous three months. In addition to normal FNM prizes, 1st place will win a custom champion playmat!