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Sealed League


Sealed League is an ongoing MTG format at Critical Hit Games where players build a deck from one pack of each of the six most recent Standard sets. Entry into the league is $25. Each player receives a collection box for their card pool and keeps it at the store. Decks must be at least 40 cards.


At each player’s own convenience, they can pick up their initial league match slip for free. Each slip has a 7-day expiration date. Players must then find other members to play any day of the week during the store's open hours. After each match, the loser signs the winner’s match slip. Players cannot play anyone already on their match slip or play if they have a full sheet (3 signatures).


After a slip expires, a player can turn in their sheet for a mana dice roll (base 2 dice +1 die/signature) at any time. The player then immediately gets a replacement league match slip and has the option to re-buy a pack. If they choose to do this, the new pack replaces all of the cards of the same set in that player’s card pool. Players must be wary doing this as they don't have a choice to keep the old pack once the new pack has been opened.


The league is not seasonal and never ends. With each new Standard set release, players will need to purchase one pack of the new set to add to their pool, removing all of the cards from the oldest set.