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Modified Infinite Format v1.2

Additional Rule

You now have a Side Deck of 6 cards in addition to your Main Deck of (normally) 30 cards.


A Side Deck is a group of cards that start outside of your Main Deck that can be swapped into it at a 1:1 ratio during setup after characters are revealed. You must always begin a game with the same number of cards that you started with in your Main Deck before accessing your Side Deck. While this is normally 30 cards, it's possible for the number to be modified by some effect (e.g. Order 66). The purpose of a Side Deck is to provide additional help against certain specific matchups or strategies, or to remove potentially dead cards against those decks. Allowing for more counter-play against a broad range of strategies based on your card choices is a rewarding experience that introduces a positive change to gameplay.

Restricted Interactions List

Limited List

Banned List

Watch List

Card Errata

Balance of the Force

These cards cannot be played in combination with one another. You may not include cards in the same row as one another on your team or in your Main or Side Deck.

You may not include these cards on your team or in your Main or Side Deck.


Fateful Companions (Spark of Hope #111)

These cards have their deckbuilding limit reduced by 1. You may not include more than 1 copy of each of the following cards on your team or in your Main or Side Deck, unless their deckbuilding limit has been modified by some effect (e.g. Double Down).


Ancient Lightsaber (Empire at War #49)

Boundless Ambition (Awakenings #80)

Buy Out (Empire at War #80)

Close Quarters Assault (Awakenings #154)

Commando Raid (Awakenings #103)

Desperate Measures (Spark of Hope #43)

Guard (Spirit of Rebellion #103)

Face the Enemy (Covert Missions #27)

Force Illusion (Spirit of Rebellion #135)

Force Speed (Spirit of Rebellion #55)

Friends in High Places (Spirit of Rebellion #83)

Friends in Low Places (Spirit of Rebellion #146)

Leadership (Awakenings #141)

Riposte (Awakenings #121)

Second Chance (Awakenings #137)

Sith Holocron (Awakenings #16)

The Price of Failure (Spirit of Rebellion #77)

These cards are not actually affected by any changes, however they are suspect and could possibly be subject to changes in the future.


Admiral (Spark of Hope #136)

Bacta Therapy (Convergence #162)

Chance Cube (Empire at War #57)

Emperor's Throne Room (Awakenings #167)

Hidden Motive (Rivals #5)

Hit and Run (Awakenings #106)

Lightsaber Pull (Empire at War #130)

Rebel (Spirit of Rebellion #112)

Rise Again (Spirit of Rebellion #76)

These are in addition to the previously errata'd cards.


Second Chance (Awakenings #137)

Yellow character only.

Before attached character would be defeated, instead heal 5 damage from it and set this upgrade aside.


Sith Holocron (Awakenings #16)

Φ - Set this upgrade aside to attach a Blue ability upgrade from your hand that costs 4 or less onto attached character, ignoring its play restrictions. Then you may spend 1 resource to roll its die into your pool, if able.

These are in addition to the previously balanced cards.



*Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper (12/15pts) -> (10/13pts)

Count Dooku - Devious Strategist (11/15pts) -> (10/13pts)

General Veers - Field Commander (11/14pts) -> (9/12pts)

Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty (11/14pts) -> (10/13pts)

Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo (10/14pts) -> (9/13pts)

*Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master (13/17pts) -> (12/16pts)


Spirit of Rebellion

Asajj Ventress - Force Assassin (12/15pts) -> (9/12pts)

Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot (14/18pts) -> (13/17pts)

Jedi Acolyte (9pts) -> (8pts)


Empire At War

Bossk - Wookie Slayer (11/15pts) -> (10/13pts)

General Hux - Aspiring Commander (11/14pts) -> (10/13pts)

General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind (12/15pts) -> (11/14pts)

Lando Calrissian - Galactic Entrepreneur (13/16pts) -> (12/15pts)

Quinlan Voss - Dark Disciple (12/15pts) -> (10/13pts)



Boba Fett - Deadly Mercenary (12/16pts) -> (11/15pts)

Han Solo - Savvy Smuggler (11/14pts) -> (10/13pts)

Luke Skywalker - Unlikely Hero (11/14pts) -> (10/13pts)

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master (15/19pts) -> (14/17pts)

Saw Gerrera - Extremist Leader (12/16pts) -> (11/15pts)



Ketsu Onyo - Black Sun Operative (11/14pts) -> (10/13pts)

Lobot - Cyborg Aide (10/13pts) -> (9/12pts)


Way of the Force

Count Dooku - Darth Tyrannus (15/18pts) -> (14/17pts)

DJ - Treacherous Rogue (13/16pts) -> (12/15pts)

Fifth Brother - Intimidating Enforcer (13/16pts) -> (11/14pts)

*Plo Koon - Jedi Protector (11/14pts) -> (10/13pts)


Across the Galaxy

Barriss Offee - Studious Padawan (9/12pts) -> (8/11pts)

Dryden Voss - Ruthless Crime Lord (15/20pts) -> (14/18pts)

Leia Organa - Boushh (13/16pts) -> (12/15pts)

Qi'Ra - Street Savvy (13/16pts) -> (12/15pts)



Kes Dameron - Courageous Sergeant (13/16pts) -> (12/15pts)


Spark of Hope

Thrawn - Grand Admiral (15/19pts) -> (14/18pts)

Yoda - Mystical Mentor (14/18pts) -> (13/17pts)


*Balance of the Force Watch List

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