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We Buy Magic Cards!

Got an old collection that you don't know what to do with? Don't worry, we buy cards! Turn those old cards into cash or store credit today!

Friday Night Magic

Each Friday we host multiple events, so be sure to check our schedule for the latest updates. Currently, we hold three tournaments at 6:30pm, a $5 entry Standard Constructed tournament, a $5 entry Modern Constructed tournament, and a $15 entry Booster Draft tournament. These tournaments award booster or store credit prizes and the chance to win FNM promos cards. Lastly, we have Commander Open Play starting at 5:00pm. Pizza is also available to FNM participants at $1/slice.


Each tournament features four rounds of Swiss and prize (either a booster or store credit) is awarded each time a player wins a match. In addition, participants may play in fun side events between rounds to win FNM promo cards!

Here at Critical Hit Games we carry all of the popular Collectible and Living Card Games. Magic: The Gathering,

Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Netrunner, Vanguard, Card Wars,

Force of Will, Game of Thrones, and much more!


We host weekly or monthly events for nearly all games but are always looking for dedicated fans to help us host more! Be sure to check out the EVENTS tab to see all upcoming events and find your favorite game.


Don't see your game? Help us out by becoming an organizer! Organizers help us plan, promote, and host events for discounts and get first dibs on promotional materials!


Weekly Events

Monday - MTG Modern

Tuesday - MTG Commander

Wednesday - MTG Legacy, Pokemon

Thursday -  Yu-Gi-Oh

Friday - MTG FNM

Saturday - Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon League, Force of Will, & Special Events

Sunday - Netrunner & Special Events


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In addition to Advanced, we also host tournaments for various custom Yu-Gi-Oh formats that present players with a different dueling experience.