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Booster Brawl Format


- Each player receives two boosters packs, removes any ad, token, or basic land cards, then shuffles the rest together to form their decks.

- A separate deck consisting only of five of each basic land is shuffled and placed between both players at the start of each game.

- To begin the game, place the top five cards of the basic land deck face-up between both players, then each player draws an opening hand of five cards. Players are allowed one free mulligan.

- During each player's Draw Step, the turn player MUST add one of the face-up basic lands between both players to their hand. This is performed after the normal draw, but even during the first turn of the game where the normal draw is skipped. If the last face-up basic land is taken, the next five basic lands are placed face-up from the deck.

- Matches are best-of-one-game with 20 life.

A full game of excitement with only two booster packs!